Let’s all go electric!

The Electric Homes Program for 2023 has now closed but will be returning in 2024 for round two, register your interest below.

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Making the switch just got easier.

As energy prices and the need for climate action both increase, we all need to move away from gas and toward renewable energy. The Electric Homes Program for 2023 has now closed but will be returning in 2024 for round two, stay tuned for this opportunity.

What is an all-electric home?

It’s a home that replaces any devices powered by gas with modern efficient electric versions. But it’s not just about moving away from gas. It’s about making sure your electricity is renewable too. And the best way to do that is by installing solar panels on your roof and a battery in the garage, so you can avoid relying on power from the grid.

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Let’s all go electric!

Learn more at our info sessions.

The Electric Homes Program has now closed for 2023 however you can still learn about these technologies by watching recordings of our webinars. We unpack everything you need to know about electrifying your home, while discussing the latest tech - from solar and batteries to hot water heat pumps, heating/cooling and electric vehicle charging - what they cost and how much you could save. Watch a webinar on-demand.

Every system sold gives back to the community

Every system sold contributes to the donation of solar and heat pumps to households in the community who otherwise can’t afford them but who are most vulnerable to cost of living pressures and rising energy bills. The more systems installed as part of the program, the more we can all contribute to our community!

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Delivered by trusted suppliers

When you register your interest in the program, you'll be contacted by our delivery partners - RACV Solar, Reclaim Energy and Jeztek Plumbing - who we hand-picked based on their outstanding expertise, customer service, use of quality technology with leading warranties, and focus on supporting local jobs. They'll contact you to answer any questions your have, develop a personalised quote and, if you decide to proceed, install your system.

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