Aiden’s story: A journey to electrification

With the climate crisis front of mind, Belmont local Aiden is currently in the process of transitioning his home from gas to all-electric.

Aiden and his family bought their 1930s Californian Bungalow at the end of 2022. The weatherboard building had very little insulation and several air leaks, leaving them with an obvious starting point on their journey to electrification.

Aiden’s journey so far

  • The first job was putting in insulation, predominantly in the ceiling and underfloor.
  • Next was the heater, replacing the whole-of-house gas ducted heating with two reverse cycle split systems in the living areas.
  • The cooktop was next, replacing the gas stove with an induction cooktop.
  • Then they installed solar panels ‒ a 7 kW north- and east-facing solar system. 
  • Now, Aiden is in the process of replacing the instant gas hot water system with a 315 litre Reclaim heat pump hot water system. 

What’s still to come?

  • Aiden plans to get a solar battery so he and his family can use their solar power round-the-clock. While their grid electricity consumption is minimal thanks to their solar panels, they still use some electricity in the mornings and evenings. 
  • The final piece of the puzzle will be disconnecting their home from the gas supply and removing the meter. 

The results  

Already, Aiden is seeing the benefits from the changes he’s made - to his bill, his family’s health and to the comfort of their home.

  • Comfort - The insulation and draft sealing, combined with the split system heating and cooling, has significantly improved the warmth and comfort of their home.
  • Energy bill savings - With their solar panels generating electricity during the day, Aiden runs appliances like the heating/cooling, dishwasher and washing machine using “free” solar power.
  • Health - With a CO2 air quality monitor installed in the kitchen, the air quality used to regularly exceed 1500-2000 ppm when using a gas cooktop (not desirable for your health). Since installing the induction cooktop, the air quality has significantly improved, with the monitor only occasionally recording CO2 concentrations of 1000 ppm or more.

Ready to go all-electric?

Whether you’re just getting started or, like Aiden, are well on your way to electrification, the Electric Homes Program was created to make it easy for households in the Barwon South West to go all-electric.

We offer solar panels, batteries, heat pump hot water systems, split system heating & cooling and electric vehicle chargers. All installed by trusted, local suppliers.

To find out more about these products and speak to our expert delivery partners about your needs, register your interest today. 


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