What is an all-electric home?

An electric home is a house that is powered using electricity, rather than fossil fuels like gas and petrol.

An all-electric home will have solar panels and battery storage, electric appliances (such as hot water systems, heating and cooling, and cooktops) and even an electric vehicle.

Electric homes are now the gold standard for houses in Australia because they’re cheaper to run, better for the environment and better for your health. According to Rewiring Australia, you could save up to $3,450 a year on running costs and drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Not to mention the broader benefits for the community as we work to transition away from fossil fuels. 

How do you electrify your home?

Electrification can be done all at once, often when building or renovating your home, or over time. 

Solar panels and batteries 

Installing solar panels and battery storage can be done at any time, and the sooner you do it the sooner you’ll start saving on your energy bills. 

If you have a significant renovation or new build planned, this can be a good time to go solar as you can optimise your setup and minimise installation costs.

Electric appliances

Many people take a longer term approach to replacing their appliances (such as hot water systems, heating and cooling systems, and cooktops), replacing old ones as they reach their end of life. That said, if your gas appliances are quite old, it might pay to replace them now as they probably cost a lot to run.

Either way, make sure you’ve done your research well in advance so, by the time you’re ready to replace your gas appliances, you know which products are the best fit for you. 

Electric vehicles

Like petrol vehicles, you can purchase electric vehicles (EVs) new or used. While some EV models are among the highest selling cars in Australia, there are significantly fewer EVs available in the used car market compared to petrol vehicles. This is because EVs are still relatively new, so we should start seeing more enter the used car market in the coming years. 

Wait times vary for new electric vehicles but, like some petrol vehicles, can be lengthy. In the meantime, look at having a home charger installed. Home chargers will charge your car up to 3x faster than a standard power outlet and can allow you to “fill up for free” using your solar power. 

We’re making electrification easy

We know one of the biggest barriers for households that want to go electric is the time and headspace needed to do the research. So we designed the Electric Homes program to help homeowners in the Barwon South West electrify their homes with ease. 

A community program led by not-for-profit Geelong Sustainability, the Electric Homes program brings together the best products and suppliers offering solar panels, battery systems, hot water heat pumps, efficient heating and cooling systems and electric vehicle chargers. 

We’ve done the homework for you, hand-picking our delivery partners based on their outstanding expertise, customer service, use of quality technology with leading warranties, and focus on supporting local jobs, so you can make the transition with confidence. 

To find out more about electrifying your home, come along to an information session or fill in our online form and our delivery partners will get in touch to discuss your needs. 


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