J’s story: Going all-electric in Torquay

Having rebuilt their Torquay beach house in 2011, at a time when gas was very cheap, J’s house was powered largely by brand new, gas appliances. 

So, when they retired in 2017 and moved in permanently, J was faced with a decision. In the years since building the house, J had become more and more conscious of their impact on the environment. They now wanted to start the transition to all-electric, but was it worth replacing fully functioning, 6-year old appliances? 

J decided to start with solar. They’d installed 4 kW of solar panels on the garage during the build back in 2011, and now added another 6 kW to the roof of the main house along with a 17 kWh battery. 

A few years later, they decided to take the plunge and replace their gas hot water system with a 315 litre heat pump. Installed by RACV Solar, they also put in another 4 kW of north-facing solar panels. 

Fast-forward to today, and J is planning their next steps - replacing the gas oven with an induction cooktop and, in 12 months or so, getting an electric vehicle. 

While they’ve made strides toward electrification, J still faces one hurdle - their heating. With a large living space, the electric air conditioner they installed a few years ago hasn’t been able to do the job in winter, so they’re still using their hydronic system and a gas fire to keep the room warm during the colder months.

This is something they hope to overcome in the near future, so connecting with a trusted, expert supplier is a key priority.

The Electric Homes Program is designed to make it easy for households in the Barwon South West to go all-electric - whether you’re at the start of your electrification journey or, like J, want to discuss your specific needs with one of our expert delivery partners.

Through the program, you can get solar panels, batteries, heat pump hot water systems, split system heating & cooling and electric vehicle chargers. All installed by trusted, local suppliers.

To find out more about these products and speak to our expert delivery partners about your needs, register your interest today.


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