What is a hot water heat pump?

Hot water heat pumps are extremely efficient electric hot water systems that use up to 80% less electricity than conventional electric hot water systems. 

They work by extracting heat from the surrounding air, then use a heat exchanger to heat water rather than an element. This uses far less electricity than a conventional electric hot water system, dramatically reducing your running costs.

Heat pumps can also run on solar power, heating the water using solar energy during the day and storing it for use later on. In this way, they function like a thermal battery for your solar power and can offer households increased savings from their solar system. 

Proficient in temperatures down to -10°C, heat pumps are whisper-quiet (quieter even than some fridges!) and use natural refrigerants to minimise their contribution to global warming. Overall, they’re a great solution for almost any household.

The Electric Homes Program offers two leading heat pump options; 

  • the Reclaim heat pump, which has two units - the tank and the compressor; 
  • and the Apricus All-In-One heat pump, which has everything contained within the single unit. 

Our heat pump delivery partners will walk you through these options and, taking into consideration your energy usage and budget, work with you to recommend the right solution for you. 

To speak to our experts about your needs, come along to an information session or fill in our online form and our delivery partners will get in touch to discuss your needs. 


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